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snakeXcoin development tree

snakeXcoin is a PoW/PoS-based cryptocurrency.

Algo: X13 Symbol: SNCX Proof Of Work Max Supply: 1 Million Coins Block Reward: 1-100 Blocks: 2.6 Coins 101-10180 Blocks: 50 Coins, 7 days 10181-20260 Blocks: 25 Coins, 14 days 20261-30340 Blocks: 12.5 Coins, 21 days 30341-40420 Blocks: 6.25 Coins, 28 days 40421-43300 Blocks: 19 Coins, 30 days 60 second block time Difficulty re-target every 30 Blocks Coin for developer: 0.5 coins per Block Proof Of Stake POS - 5% Annual Interest Min age POS: 12 Hours Max age POS: unlimited POS stage start on 40421 Block 100 Confirmations for Mined Blocks Transaction Confirmations (4 Confirmations) Tx fees are 0.00001 Pre-mine : none IPO : none RPC port 17775 P2P port 27775