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🐍 📦 💻 Snakypy Prompt" is a theme for the "ZSH" based terminal with the "Oh My ZSH" framework.
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snakypy prompt
Snakypy Prompt 🐍 - A theme for ZSH

Built with ❤︎ by William Canin in free time.

Snakypy Prompt is a theme for ZSH using the Oh My Zsh framework; especially for the Python developer. Pleasing to look at, Snakypy Prompt comforts you with its bold colors.

Installing Snakypy Prompt is the easiest thing you'll see on any existing theme for Oh My Zsh, because Snakypy Prompt has its own manager. With this manager you can: install, uninstall, enable, and disable Snakypy Prompt, all in one simplified command line, without opening any files or creating symbolic links. In addition, the Snakypy Prompt manager, download the Oh My Zsh and the plugins zsh-autosuggestions and zsh-syntax-highlighting automatically, also with a command line.

Here's an example video of the Snakypy Prompt installed:



  • Oh My Zsh Installation Automatically.
  • Automatically install zsh-autosuggestions and zsh-syntax-highlighting.
  • Automated installation and uninstallation.
  • Enable and disable Snakypy Prompt anytime.
  • Upgrade Snakypy Prompt effortlessly.
  • Current Git branch and rich repo status:
    • — untracked changes;
    • — new files added;
    • — deleted files;
    • — new modified files;
    • — commits made;
  • Current Python pyenv (🐍).
  • Python version shown on the active virtual machine (py-3.x).


To work correctly, you will first need:

  • Curl (v7.60 or recent) must be installed.
  • Zsh (v5.2 or recent) must be installed.
  • Python (v3.7 or recent).
  • Pip (v19.3 or recent) must be installed.
  • Powerline Fonts must be installed.


1 - It's time to install Snakypy Prompt manager. To do this, do:


$ su -c "pip install snakypy-prompt"

For the user:

$ pip install snakypy-prompt --user

NOTE: If you are installing to the user's local environment, be sure to add the environment variables to the zshrc file.

2 - After installing the package, you need to install the theme (Snakypy) on the machine and its dependencies:

$ snakypy-prompt --install


If Snakypy Prompt has any new features, please update the command line below:


$ su -c "pip install snakypy-prompt -U"

For the user:

$ pip install snakypy-prompt -U --user

Disable and Enable

You can enable and disable Snakypy Prompt anytime you want without opening any files. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Disable
$ snakypy-prompt --disable

NOTE: When disabled, the manager will return to the default Oh My Zsh theme, the robbyrussell.

  • Enable
$ snakypy-prompt --enable


We will be sad if you want to stop using Snakypy Prompt, but for easier uninstallation we also have the command:

$ snakypy-prompt --uninstall

More Commands

For more command information, use:

$ snakypy-prompt --help


If you liked my work, buy me a coffee ☕️ 😃



The project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License © William Canin


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