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Continuous Delivery is not a destination
Continuous Delivery is a journey, not a destination. Listen to Badri and Akshay discuss this topic from the Pipeline Conference.
Jen Marley
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Pipeline - The Continous Delivery Conference
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Snap's product owner Badri Janakiraman and developer Akshay Karle were at the Pipelines annual conference last month, talking about why continuous delivery should be a journey, not a destination. Although it certainly would be easier if one could just do step 1, step 2, etc, and achieve continuous delivery, it's more complex than that and really should be a set of principles that informs tool choices, systems architecture, and development practices. Here are a few key points from the talk:

  • Start with getting working software into hands of users
  • Don’t be afraid of “re-design”/”re-work”
  • Layer on qualities of reliability, automation, frequent releases, etc.
  • Kick the can down the road.

You can watch the video below and download the slides from the talk here.

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