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Fun with Snap CI API and IFTTT Do Button
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With Snap APIs, you can have some fun trying out new things, including designing your own deployment buttons from your phone.
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Marco Valtas

Who says you can't have fun doing Continuous Delivery? Snap user and fellow ThoughtWorker, Marco Valtas, recently designed a deploy button for pushing to production.

Snap CI updated its APIs a while ago and I didn't have chance to try them. But then recently I found IFTTT Do Button so I thought, "What about a deploy button for Snap?" Well, here it is:

{% youtube JTL4quwqKUg 480 320 %}

Fun Goldberg Machine with @snap_ci and IFTTT

It's a sort of a Goldberg Machine, but fun. Basically what happens is:

  • A script monitors a folder on Dropbox with fswatch
  • A recipe to create a file in Dropbox is triggered through Do Button.
  • The script detects the event and uses Snap-CI API to trigger a manual stage.

Here's the script:

{% gist a997cb1f14c9a4836edb %}

For this script to work you need fswatch, jq and cURL. Note that I save my API key in my keychain. If you're not using a Mac, you need to figure a way to keep it a secret.

This article was originally featured on Marco Valtas' blog

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