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5.5 reasons why Baremetrics is an awesome reporting tool for SaaS Product Managers
I’m going to tell you why Baremetrics is an awesome reporting tool for SaaS product managers
Suzie Prince
snap ci baremetrics
Baremetrics, product managers, reporting tool, user churn, stripe, recurring revenue, saas

I’m going to tell you why Baremetrics is an awesome reporting tool for SaaS product managers

Reason 1: Easy to set up and get started

Seriously... you sync Stripe and it’s done. No more setup needed.

Reason 2: Reports with no configuration

I get subscription-based metrics such as monthly recurring revenue, churn, new customer counts, plan-specific data and much more without doing anything. It’s to metrics like Mint is to personal finances. Plug, play and learn.

Baremetrics Monthly Recurring Revenue{: .screenshot .big} Monthly recurring revenue for Snap CI

Baremetrics Active Customers{: .screenshot .big} Active user growth for Snap CI

Reason 3: Responsive support

They use Intercom (another great tool for Product people and users alike) and are on-hand to help their users. They even chatted to me on the phone and asked for my feedback. Silly, I know, given that’s what all product creators should be doing, yet it's actually quite rare.

Baremetrics Intercom{: .screenshot .big}

Reason 4: Simple out-of-the-box forecasting.

Ok, so it’s probably not going to get me through the next quarter's financial planning, but their forecasting using current trends is a great way for me to see what the future is most likely going to look like. I move to Google docs to tweak the edges.

Reason 5: SaaS-y content

They run a SaaS business, too. They share their learning on their blog. While some of it is not relevant to Snap CI's business, it's very useful to see and hear other people’s experiences. By using their own Baremetrics reports in their blog posts, it’s really easy to learn what to look for in our business as well. Plus, they tell it like it is.

Reason 5.5: Time and energy savings

Of course I have a list of things I want them to do to save me more time and energy, such as customizable date ranges, a customizable dashboard, plan settings that stick, and plan ratio numbers, just to name a few. Because I’m a passionate user, and a product person, I have needs that still not being meet. Despite that, I am super happy with the time and energy I have saved so far. On balance, I’ll deduct half a bullet point for this one, just to manage your expectations. It’s not a moon on a stick after all!

So I just told you why Baremetrics was an awesome reporting tool for SaaS product managers. Why not tell me some other tools should I be using?

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