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Hitchhiking to the DevOps Roadtrip
DevOps knowledge-sharing in Seattle on June 7
Louda Peña
DevOps Roadtrip
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DevOps Roadtrip{: .screenshot .big}

Need to get away? Seattle is lovely in the summer (usually!) and our own Jeff Norris, Technical Principal for Snap CI, will be at the DevOps Roadtrip at the Seattle Space Needle on June 7. Jeff will be leading a discussion on “It broke in production, now what? Strategies for managing failure and getting back to business".

The DevOps Roadtrip in Seattle is a half-day event that will share "real-life DevOps implementation stories from local companies" and provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions. Material should be appropriate for everyone, from developers to CTOs.

The event is free, but limited to 100 attendees. So sign up soon if you're interested in attending. Hope to see you there.

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