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Welcome Aurora and Cybele
Why we named our new stacks Aurora and Cybele
Jen Quraishi
snap-ci, continuous delivery, software delivery, tech stacks, snap ci, continuous integration, docker, ubuntu

As you may have noticed, we've recently added a stack, Cybele, and changed the name of our existing stack to Aurora. The two stacks are slightly different, details below:

Aurora Cybele
Pre-existing stack New stack
CentOS 6-based build environment Ubuntu 14.04-based build environment
No Docker support Docker support

Both Aurora and Cybele are named after goddesses: Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn. She would ride every morning, ahead of the sun, to let light to the world. Her light would be the first you'd see (if you were a Roman) so it's fitting she's the namesake for our earlier stack.

Aurora{: .screenshot .big}

Caption: "Aurora" by Annibale Carracci (16th century) via WikiMedia Commons

Cybele (pronounced SEH'-bell-ee) on the other hand, was a mother-goddess figure whose worship started around 500 BC near Turkey and migrated to Rome and Greece. Cybele was often depicted in a chariot pulled by lions, and was often equated with Mother Earth herself. Cybele held power over the Earth's fertility and growth, so we hope the stack we've named after her will help our users grow as well.

Cybele{: .screenshot .big}

Caption: The Cybele fountain in Madrid's Plaza de Cibeles. Photo via WikiMedia Commons. The tamed lions pulling her chariot symbolize her power over nature.

It's no coincidence that both stacks are named after female figures. The Snap team is comprised nearly equally of males and females, and our parent company, ThoughtWorks, has taken many measures to increase diversity and inclusion across all positions. We hope this sheds some light on why we chose the stack names we did. If you are not yet on Cybele but would like to be, please contact Snap support.

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