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Reasons to visit the Snap booth at RubyConf
Caricatures, Ruby, and Snap, oh my!
Snap at RubyConf 2016
Louda Peña
ruby, rubyconf

Snap CI was created with ☕ and 😍 by fellow Ruby developers. We are excited to show off our continuous integration and deployment tool at the conference. Check out some of the things we have planned:

Get Drawn

Get your caricature drawn{: .screenshot .fixed-size}

November 10 & 11: Get your caricature drawn at our booth (booth number?) Frame it, Tweet it, blow it up and use it as wallpaper.

Solve the Regex

regex puzzle{: .screenshot .fixed-size}

Solve our Regex puzzle and claim a prize at the booth. The puzzles can be found around the conference center.

While you’re there, say 'hi' and sign up for our raffle

Win a Prize!

rubyconf prize{: .screenshot .fixed-size}

The prize will be revealed at the booth, but come visit us, enter to win and we'll select a name on November 12th.

Snap CI © 2017, ThoughtWorks

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