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Snap is Going Away
We have some sad news to share. Today we are announcing the end of life (EOL) for Snap CI. The planned final day will be August 1st 2017.
Louda Peña
snap ci
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We have some sad news to share. Today we are announcing the end of life (EOL) for Snap CI. The planned final day will be August 1st 2017.

ThoughtWorks are a mission driven company and we focus our efforts on helping our industry improve, think differently, and work differently. With Snap CI we wanted to bring continuous delivery pipelines, continuous integration and continuous delivery best practices to the hosted continuous integration market. While many Snap CI users love the tool, and we truly believe it offers the best continuous integration and continuous delivery experience in the market, we have not impacted as many people as we wanted to. Given that, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on our on-premise continuous delivery tool GoCD, because this is where we have been having the biggest impact on our industry.

Although we are sunsetting Snap starting today it is our intention to provide the Snap CI service for the next 6 months. Initially, we will provide a similar service as we do now - critical bugs will be fixed and support will be provided as before. Please read our FAQ section below for specific details on how we will end of life Snap.

We will not remove or change any Snap CI features or support without first informing you. We will continue to inform you of any changes to Snap through our email newsletter, this website, and in-app notifications.

We know that canceling Snap CI is likely to be an inconvenience for you and your teams. We will do our best to make this transition as smooth as possible. If you have any immediate questions that we have not already covered in this post and the FAQ below, please don't hesitate to ask, and you still have access to our first-class support team at

Thank you all again for your support, kind words, feedback and insight over the last few years.


Snap EOL timelines

Q. What is the timeline for the EOL?

snap ci{: .screenshot .big}

Q. What is the last date of service?

August 1st 2017

Q. What immediate changes are being made?

The most immediate change to our service is that no new users will be allowed to sign up to Snap CI. This will impact you if you want to add new collaborators to Snap CI. We will also stop charging for Snap CI use. Those of you paying monthly will receive no further charges to your credit card and your subscription will be extended for free until after the EOL period is over. Likewise those on invoices will be automatically extended for free.

Q. What are my next steps?

We plan to provide a suggested timeline for you to plan your migration to other tools within the next few weeks. We suggest that you immediately start to investigate other CI tools and trial them to assess where you would like to move to.

Q. Will you notify me when changes are being made during the EOL?

Yes, we will be making regular updates to you through the Snap application, email announcements, and on the website. We will do our best to ensure you’re aware of the process as it happens.

Snap CI features

Q. I signed up for the beta of “config as code” can I still try it?

No. We will not be completing the “config as code” feature.

Q. New development stops. Does that mean we won’t get any new changes at all?

No. We still want Snap to be usable to you during the next 6 months. We will continue to upgrade packages as normal during the first 5 months of the end of life period. After the 5th month changes will be minimal and service will be reduced.

Q. I want to try Snap before it goes away. How do I do that?

You will not be able to. We have disabled new user sign up. If you are a collaborator on a project already using Snap CI please ask your Snap CI billing owner to sync collaborators and you will be able to login.

Q. Now that new users cannot be added, how can I add new collaborators?

You will need to add the user as a collaborator on Github and then sync collaborators in Snap. Our help documents explain how to sync collaborators. Once the sync is complete your collaborator will be able to login to Snap.

Q. When you say "Pull Requests" are going away in May what exactly does that mean?

We will no longer create new pipelines for new pull requests. Any existing PR pipelines will remain in Snap and run when new commits are made or when manually reran. When PRs are closed the pipelines will be removed as they are now.

Snap CI subscriptions and charges

Q. I just paid for Snap and I didn’t really get started. Can I have a refund?

No new charges will be made after the announcement. If you paid right before the announcement you can request a refund of your last month’s payment. Please contact if you’d like us to refund the last month. We will be quickly decommissioning our payment gateway so we request you as ask for any refunds before the end of February.

Q. I wanted to upgrade to X more workers, can I still do that after the announcement?

Yes, please email support at with your request.

Q. I transferred our team’s builds to another user who needs to sign up for a paid account. Can they still sign up for paid private repos?

Yes, please email support at with your request.

Migration to other CI/CD tools

Q. How quickly do I need to move to another tool?

We suggest you start to assess new tools as soon as possible. We have provided the timeline below to help you plan your migration to other tools.

snap ci{: .screenshot .big}

Q. What other CI/CD tool options do I have? What do you recommend?

If you want to continue using a staged pipeline built to support continuous delivery we highly recommend GoCD. We can see how Snap CI and GoCD compare on the GoCD Blog.

If you are interested in cloud based CI tools there are many options out there and we suggest you start to trial them all immediately. If you would like our opinions on which CI/CD tool may best suit your needs please get in touch at where we are happy to provide you with some personalized advice.

Q. Can you help me migrate?

Yes. For those users interested in using GoCD we can provide an export of your Snap CI configuration in a format that GoCD will understand to ease your migration to GoCD. Our first class support team can also help you move from Snap CI to GoCD as well as provide you with 30 days free commercial support for GoCD while you get started. Please get in touch at to get access to our Snap CI to GoCD migration support.

Because Snap CI’s staged pipeline features are unique it is not possible for us to provide seamless migration to other CI/CD tools. However, we can provide an export of all your Snap CI pipeline configuration data to ease your migration to other tools. Please get in touch at for an export of your Snap CI pipeline configurations.

Q. I have exports of my Snap CI configurations. Now what to I do?

Please refer to Snap CI’s help documentation for details on how to use our migration options.

Products from ThoughtWorks

Q. Does this mean ThoughtWorks no longer has any products?

No, we still create GoCD, Gauge and Mingle and have no plans to end of life these products.

Q. Are you planning to EOL any of your other tools?

No. There are no plans to EOL any other ThoughtWorks products.

Data and Privacy

Q. How do I delete my Snap CI account?

Step 1. Remove your repositories from Snap. If you have any repositories set-up on Snap, you can delete them. This will remove any deploy keys and web-hooks that Snap creates to get updates from GitHub. Step 2. Revoke Github access. In the Authorized Applications page of GitHub you will find Snap listed as an application and can revoke the access. Step 3. Done. There is nothing more you need to do.

Q. What will happen to all my data after Snap is shut down?

In August, once the EOL is complete. we will decommission all our databases, backups, servers and connections - leaving behind only a historical Snap homepage.

Q. Now that I will not be charged for Snap use what happens to my credit card information?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway and do not store full credit card information in Snap. Once we stop charging for Snap we will remove all payment related information from our databases. As we will still be offering some refunds in February we will not decommission and remove credit card information from Stripe until March. After this point we will delete all customers from Stripe which will remove your credit card details and preventing any further operations (like refunds) from being performed.

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