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Mambo: Multimodal Biomedical Networks

This repository contains a tutorial for Mambo in the form of iPython notebooks. The tutorial shows how to use Mambo to synthesize data from various data sources in order to construct and represent multimodal networks. The repository also contains data, code and other resources necessary to run the tutorial.

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Download Materials for This Tutorial

The Mambo tools and tutorial materials are available in this repository.

All necessary data for the multimodal cancer network example is included in this repository. Data for the giga-scale multimodal network example is very large and must be downloaded from external databases. See Mambo website for information on how to access those databases.

Installation Notes

This tutorial requires the following installations:


We start by providing background on multimodal networks, their representations, Mambo system and its workflow:

We then provide a detailed overview of each step in Mambo workflow. As an example, we construct a multimodal cancer network centered around genes that are frequently mutated in cancer patients:

Finally, we provide a case study that constructs a giga-scale multimodal biological network that has more than two thousand modes, twenty thousand link types, and a total of 3.5 billion edges:


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