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For more information, please visit the SnapVX website at



The required dependencies to build SnapVX are NumPy >= 1.6.1, Scipy >= 0.9, CVXPY >= 0.3.9, and >= 1.2.


  1. Download the latest release here.

  2. Uncompress the snapvx-*.tar.gz file.

     tar zxvf snapvx-0.5.tar.gz
  3. Run install from inside the top-level directory.

     cd snapvx-0.5
     python install
  4. Test the installation. The included unit tests will test basic functionality to ensure that SnapVX and its dependencies are working correctly.

     cd Tests
     chmod u+x

Note: to run SnapVX locally, without installing it system-wide, just run with the --user flag.


SnapVX is used by simply writing

import snapvx

in the Python file. See the included Examples/ directory for use cases and syntax.


Please consult the developer doc for ways to contribute code, documentation, test cases and general improvments to SnapVX.


Please file bug reports at We also encourage you to sign up for the SnapVX mailing list to stay up-tp-date with the newest features and releases. For any other questions, comments, or concerns, please contact David Hallac.