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This project has been subsumed under the prometheus umbrella at prometheus/memcached_exporter. I strongly suggest switching to that repository unless:

Memcached Exporter for Prometheus

A memcached exporter for prometheus.

Building and Running

The memcache exporter exports metrics from memcached servers for consumption by prometheus. The servers are specified as arguments to the program.

By default the memcache_exporter serves on port 9106 at /metrics

./memcache_exporter server1:11211 server2:11211 ...

Alternatively a Dockerfile is supplied

docker build -t memcache_exporter .
docker run memcache_exporter

To change the server scraped using the Dockerfile method, simply create your own Dockerfile, and overwrite the CMD setting. This is also the way to enable logging etc.

FROM snapbug/memcache-exporter
CMD ["yourserver1:yourport1", "yourserver2:yourport2", "etc:etc"]


The exporter collects a number of collections from the server:

  • up: whether the server is up.

  • uptime: how long the server has been up.

  • cache: exposes the number of cache hits and misses for each server and command. For instance {command='get',status='hits'} will say how many get commands resulted in a hit in the cache.

  • bytes: exposes the number of bytes read and written by each server, under the label direction.

  • removal: exposes how many keys have been expired and evicted. In the case of evicted keys it's also separated by whether they were ever fetched or not.

  • usage: exposes the current and total number of connections to the cache and items in the cache.