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The core18 base snap
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Core18 snap for snapd

This is a base snap for snapd that is based on Ubuntu 18.04

Building locally

To build this snap locally you need snapcraft. The project must be built as real root.

$ sudo snapcraft

Writing code

The usual way to add functionality is to write a shell script hook with the .chroot extenstion under the hooks/ directory. These hooks are run inside the base image filesystem.

Each hook should have a matching .test file in the hook-tests directory. Those tests files are run relative to the base image filesystem and should validates that the coresponding .chroot file worked as expected.

The .test scripts will be run after building with snapcraft or when doing a manual "make test" in the source tree.

Testing locally

Once built you can boot it for testing inside qemu and spread. You will need additional tool (see tests/lib/ for details). In order to prepare an image for either exploratory manual tests or for spread tests run this command:

$ make update-image

With this available you can either run: spread -debug -v or make -C tests/lib just-boot, depending on what you want to do. The interactive (just boot) test should allow you to move to VT7 where a root shell awaits.

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