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Raspberry Pi 3 Gadget Snap

This repository contains the source for an Ubuntu Core gadget snap for the Raspberry Pi 3.

Building it with snapcraft will automatically pull, configure, patch and build the upstream source for rpi_3_32b_defconfig at release v2017.05, produce a u-boot.bin binary and put it inside the gadget.

It will then download the latest stable binary boot firmware from and add it to the gadget.

Last it will pull the latest linux-image-raspi2 from the xenial-updates archive, extract the devicetree and overlay files from it and add them to the gadget as well.

Gadget Snaps

Gadget snaps are a special type of snaps that contain device specific support code and data. You can read more about them in the snapd wiki

Reporting Issues

Please report all issues on the Launchpad project page

We use Launchpad to track issues as this allows us to coordinate multiple projects better than what is available with Github issues.


To build the gadget snap locally on an armhf system please use snapcraft.

To cross build this gadget snap on a PC please run snapcraft --target-arch=armhf

Launchpad Mirror and Automatic Builds.

All commits from the master branch of are automatically mirrored by Launchpad to the project.

The master branch is automatically built from the launchpad mirror and published into the snap store to the edge channel.

You can find build history and other controls here:


The gadget snap for the Raspberry Pi 3 development board






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