The snapd and snap tools enable systems to work with .snap files.
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advisor advise: make the bolt database do the atomic rename dance Jul 31, 2018
arch arch: add "armv8l" to ubuntuArchFromKernelArch table Jan 23, 2018
asserts address review feedback Aug 17, 2018
boot many: rename snap.Info.StoreName() to snap.Info.SnapName() Jun 26, 2018
client add some existing error kinds that were not listed in client.go Jul 17, 2018
cmd Merge branch 'master' of into fix/consisten… Aug 16, 2018
daemon Merge branch 'master' into disconnect-hooks Aug 16, 2018
data Rename `snap-failure run` to `snap-failure snapd` Aug 3, 2018
dirs dirs: fix SnapMountDir inside a Fedora base snap Aug 10, 2018
docs Docs moved to forum May 5, 2018
errtracker errtracker: do not send duplicated reports (#5263) Jun 7, 2018
httputil tests: econnreset/retry tweaks (#5288) Jun 14, 2018
i18n Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into xgettext-go-f Jun 29, 2018
image image: ensure "core" is ordered early if base: and core is used Aug 8, 2018
interfaces Merge pull request #5660 from gerboland/wayland-add-shared-files Aug 17, 2018
jsonutil store, jsonutil: move store.getStructFields to jsonutil.StructFields Jun 4, 2018
logger logger: try to not have double dates Jul 19, 2018
netutil netutil: friendler error messages May 28, 2018
osutil udev: skip TestParseUdevEvent on ppc Aug 14, 2018
overlord overlord/snapstate: rename to getFeatureFlagBool Aug 17, 2018
packaging Merge pull request #5656 from mvo5/break-cosmic Aug 15, 2018
partition fix repeated word in doc comment May 17, 2018
parts/plugins snapcraft.yaml: skip running govendor +unused in snapcraft May 26, 2018
po Translate polkit strings Mar 15, 2018
polkit polkit: Add some comments Mar 22, 2018
progress Merged master Mar 31, 2018
release-tools release-tools: handle the snapd-x.y.z version Apr 16, 2018
release release: allow mocking kernel version May 24, 2018
selftest sefltest: advise reboot into 4.4 on trusty running 3.13 Jun 4, 2018
snap Merge branch 'master' into disconnect-hooks Aug 16, 2018
spdx spdx: fix for WITH syntax to require a license name before Oct 25, 2017
store store: backward compatible instance-key handling for non-instance sna… Aug 16, 2018
strutil strutil: detect and bail out of Unmarshal on duplicate key Jul 24, 2018
systemd Merge pull request #5557 from mvo5/snapd-install-snapd Aug 2, 2018
tests tests/main/lxd: run ubuntu-16.04 only on 64 bit variant Aug 17, 2018
testutil testutil: wait for dbustest's dbus-daemon to start Aug 10, 2018
timeout timeout: add YAML unmarshaler May 2, 2016
timeutil timeutil: fix first weekday of the month schedule Jul 30, 2018
userd userd: use Also() when mocking zenity/kdialog commands Jun 27, 2018
vendor vendor: switch to latest bson Jul 4, 2018
wrappers wrappers: use already defined vars Aug 6, 2018
x11 many: fix review comments from PR #3177 (#3244) Apr 27, 2017
xdgopenproxy xdgopenproxy: skip TestOpenUnreadableFile when run as root May 25, 2018
.gitignore make the .gitingore file a bit more targeted Sep 25, 2017
.travis.yml spread: start moving towards google backend May 7, 2018 added missing colon Sep 14, 2016
COPYING add COPYING, remove debian/dirs, its unneeded Apr 23, 2015 HACKING: fix typos May 4, 2018 Add the missing ? back Sep 4, 2017 Update Jan 8, 2018
debian add "debian" symlink to 16.04 packaging to keep gbp working Jan 25, 2017 Simplified Oct 30, 2015
generate-packaging-dir Merge release/2.26.8 into master Jul 5, 2017 many: assorted shellcheck fixes Jul 3, 2018 tests: fix spread test failures on 18.04 Feb 13, 2018 reuse Aug 14, 2018
run-checks many: assorted shellcheck fixes Jul 3, 2018
snapcraft.yaml reuse Aug 14, 2018
spread-shellcheck spread-shellcheck: use default iterator when loading file list Jun 21, 2018
spread.yaml Add core-18 systems to external backend Aug 3, 2018
update-pot many: assorted shellcheck fixes Jul 3, 2018

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