Graphical user interface to create snaps using Snapcraft as the backend, written in C++/Qt.
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Snapcraft GUI (development)

Graphical user interface to create snaps using snapcraft as backend, written in Qt.

Build status and Coveralls status

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#Install using debian Package

Download the latest release from here - Download link

How to install on Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu Yakkety Yak (the development branch)

We updating new reository here soon //old one was removed due to some reasons


If you are having trouble or would like to help out, join ##snapcraft-gui on freenode.

Kiwi IRC (IRC in your web browser) link:

TODO list:

Snap package Manager (click package manager in file menu to see): [Started]

  • with local snap installation capabilities [Done]
  • allow remove installed snaps [Done]
  • allow obtain informatio about installed snaps by selecting them [Done]
  • allow check for snaps updates [Done]
  • allow update updatable snaps [target] //waiting for updatable packages in store

Snapcraft.yaml editor: [Started]

  • snapcraft's styled Yaml syntax highlightning [Done]
  • full editor functionalities [Done]
  • pastebin integration [Done]
  • a note taking widget allowing user to make some notes with autosave features[done]
  • show list of recently opened projects [done]

Snap lifecycle commands: [Started]

  • clean [Done]
  • pull [Done]
  • build [Done]
  • stage [Done]
  • prime [Done]
  • snap [Done]

Snap Store: [Started]

  • search functionality [Done]
  • identify snap installed or not [Done]
  • install remove snaps from inside [target]


snapcraft-gui snapcraft-gui snapcraft-gui snapcraft-gui snapcraft-gui

How to build

To build the source package:

git clone
cd snapcraft-qt/

Make sure you installed dependencies listed in the dependencies file. Few of them are here:

tree // sudo apt install tree
pastebinit // sudo apt install pastebinit 
snapcraft //sudo apt install snapcraft 


I have recieved emails from lots of people to put a donation via bitcoin or paypal, which simply implies that they are willing to make donation to project so I decided to put a paypal button , am not able to get Bitcoin integrated here for some reason will look for it in future , so right now you can use Paypal if you wana make any doantion and wana support this project

Snapcraft Donation


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