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A community of volunteers maintaining unofficial snap packages

Hi there 👋

We are a group of volunteers who maintain snap packages for third-party software. We publish more than 70 snaps used by 1.5 million weekly active devices across 50+ distributions. Our goal is to be a trusted and reliable source for high-quality snaps.

We're passionate about making the Linux desktop app ecosystem easier, more robust and more secure.

Snapcrafters strives for quality

  • We use formal processes to maintain snaps so that updates are tested and high-quality before they reach users.
  • We share maintenance workload over multiple people so there isn't a single point of failure.
  • We write documentation and build tools to improve the quality of the whole Snap ecosystem.
  • We work with interested upstream developers to transfer snap ownership to them.

Having the upstream application developer maintain and publish a snap for their application is preferred but not always possible. If the developers are not yet interested in maintaining the snap, we fill the gap.

How to contribute

Are you interested in helping out? Would you like to improve software used by millions of people? Do you want to make the Linux app ecosystem more secure? Do you want to make it easier for users to install popular software?

There are a lot of things you can help us with.

  • Let us know when a snap is outdated
  • Update metadata of a snap
  • Update the snap itself

The process for contributing is straightforward:

  1. fork one of our repositories,
  2. make a change, and
  3. create a pull request.

The README of each repository might give you more information on how to get started. For more information, take a look at our contributors guide.

How to take over your snap

Are you the developer of the software in one of our snaps? We would love to hand it over to you, if you're interested! Please create an issue in the repository of that snap so we can transfer it to you and help you get started with the Snap Store!

Taking control of your snap has many advantages:

  • You can push new updates directly to users.
  • You can view metrics of how many users you have, across which distributions, app versions and architectures.
  • You can integrate snap publishing in your regular CI/CD pipeline.

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  1. signal-desktop signal-desktop Public

    Unofficial Signal Desktop installer for Linux

    Shell 33 15

  2. discord discord Public

    A community-maintained package to easily install Discord on Linux

    Shell 71 20

  3. gimp gimp Public

    Unofficial GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) installer for Linux

    Shell 51 25

  4. snap-repo-template snap-repo-template Public template

    Snapcrafters template. Select "Use this template" to copy to your GitHub account and rename it for the snap you're creating.

    69 146


Showing 10 of 108 repositories
  • Public

    The website built with Hugo

    snapcrafters/’s past year of commit activity
    HTML 0 Apache-2.0 4 1 0 Updated Jul 15, 2024
  • snapcrafters/webkitgtk-sdk’s past year of commit activity
    0 MIT 1 3 0 Updated Jul 14, 2024
  • ffmpeg-sdk Public

    Content snap for ffmpeg

    snapcrafters/ffmpeg-sdk’s past year of commit activity
    1 MIT 3 1 1 Updated Jul 14, 2024
  • ci-screenshots Public

    Repository to host screenshots of our CI system

    snapcrafters/ci-screenshots’s past year of commit activity
    0 CC0-1.0 0 0 0 Updated Jul 13, 2024
  • obs-studio Public

    This is a community-supported modified build of OBS Studio.

    snapcrafters/obs-studio’s past year of commit activity
  • ruff Public

    A community-maintained package to easily install ruff on Linux.

    snapcrafters/ruff’s past year of commit activity
    Shell 1 MIT 1 0 0 Updated Jul 12, 2024
  • ci Public

    Repository for shared CI tools and actions

    snapcrafters/ci’s past year of commit activity
    Makefile 1 MIT 6 0 0 Updated Jul 12, 2024
  • android-studio Public

    A community-maintained package to easily install Android Studio on Linux

    snapcrafters/android-studio’s past year of commit activity
  • terraform Public

    Unofficial snap package for Hashicorp Terraform

    snapcrafters/terraform’s past year of commit activity
    HCL 0 MPL-2.0 3 1 0 Updated Jul 11, 2024
  • helm Public

    Unofficial Helm installer for Linux

    snapcrafters/helm’s past year of commit activity
    35 MIT 27 1 0 Updated Jul 11, 2024

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