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Fixed minor bug in getAttributeSplice. #18

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Hey guys. It seemed that the paramNode when running splices in attributes wasn't (re)set correctly causing infinte loops in some cases. I've made a patch that sets the paramNode to a fake empty node with the name of the splice currently being processed.

Can you maybe review the code and apply when you think this is the right way to do this?


Snap Framework member

It looks like the call to localParamNode that you add here is exactly the same as the call that is already happening on line 382. Are you positive this patch changes the behavior you were seeing? Maybe we could discuss this on IRC?


Yes, you're absolutely right! I based my patch on the old 0.7 tag (commit a272190) in which this wasn't yet the case. It seems you fixed the bug in the mean time. Too bad I didn't notice yet. Thanks for the quick answer!



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