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This one is pretty straightforward - Greg said I should add myself to the contributors list, and the readme had a "fixme" in it.

This issue was closed.
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Gregory Collins <>
Carl Howells <>
Edward Kmett
+Will Langstroth <>
Shane O'Brien <>
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+# Heist
-Heist, part of the Snap Framework (, is a Haskell
-library for xhtml templating. FIXME: more description here
+Heist, part of the [Snap Framework](, is a
+Haskell library for xhtml templating. It uses simple XML tags to bind values
+to your templates in a straightforward way. For example, if you were to put
+the following in a template:
-Building heist
+ <bind tag="message">some text</bind>
+ <p><message/></p>
+the resulting xhtml would be
+ <p>some text</p>
+Likewise, if you need to add text to an attribute,
+ <bind tag="special">special-id</bind>
+ <div id="$(special)">very special</div>
+gives you
+ <div id="special-id">very special</div>
+Values can also be pulled from "Splices" (see
+[the documentation](
+for more information.)
+## Building heist
The heist library is built using [Cabal]( and
[Hackage]( Just run
@@ -36,5 +56,4 @@ From here you can invoke the testsuite by running:
$ ./
The testsuite generates an `hpc` test coverage report in `test/dist/hpc`.
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