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Authentication infrastructure for the Snap Framework (NOTE: This package is deprecated. As of 0.6 this functionality is included with snap)
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Snap-auth provides authentication functionality for Snap. Eventually this will probably be moved into the snap package. But we're starting it off in a separate package until we get a better sense of how snap code will be organized.


The design philosophy is that we let the user choose a persistence/session mechanism consistent with their application. Other than that, we try provide a turn-key solution, so as much as possible should be done here. Random salt generation, hashing, password verification, etc need special care to ensure the cryptographic properties necessary for strong security. The user should not have to think about these concerns.

We provide some higher level functionality that can be used directly inside your application's monad. This functionality helps you determine if there is an authenticated user, require that one is present and get their credentials when needed.

A Snap.Auth.Handlers module has also been included with default handlers to address typical use cases, such as user signup, login and logout.

Currently this code requires the 0.3 branch of the Snap framework, which is due to be released in the near future.


  • Challenge/response authentication ( This is needed to provide secure authentication without SSL. The goal is to take as much of the burden as possible off the end user, which probably means including some Javascript code for use on the client side. If the client is not javascript-enabled, then the user should have the option to failover seamlessly to less secure authentication (that transmits cleartext passwords across the network) or alert the user and disallow logins..

  • Support for "remember me" and "password reset" tokens.

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