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mtl 2.1.1 update breaks snap-core build #131

peti opened this Issue Apr 25, 2012 · 0 comments


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peti commented Apr 25, 2012

Dependency attoparsec ==0.10.*: using attoparsec-
Dependency attoparsec-enumerator ==0.3.*: using attoparsec-enumerator-0.3
Dependency base ==4.*: using base-
Dependency base16-bytestring <=0.2: using base16-bytestring-
Dependency blaze-builder >= && <0.4: using blaze-builder-
Dependency blaze-builder-enumerator ==0.2.*: using
Dependency bytestring -any: using bytestring-
Dependency bytestring-mmap >=0.2.2 && <0.3: using bytestring-mmap-0.2.2
Dependency bytestring-nums -any: using bytestring-nums-0.3.5
Dependency case-insensitive >=0.3 && <0.5: using case-insensitive-
Dependency containers -any: using containers-
Dependency deepseq >=1.1 && <1.4: using deepseq-
Dependency directory -any: using directory-
Dependency dlist ==0.5.*: using dlist-0.5
Dependency enumerator >=0.4.15 && <0.5: using enumerator-0.4.19
Dependency filepath -any: using filepath-
Dependency mtl >=2.0 && <2.2: using mtl-2.1.1
Dependency mwc-random >=0.10 && <0.13: using mwc-random-
Dependency old-locale -any: using old-locale-
Dependency old-time -any: using old-time-
Dependency regex-posix <=0.95.2: using regex-posix-0.95.1
Dependency text ==0.11.*: using text-
Dependency time >=1.0 && <1.5: using time-1.4
Dependency transformers >=0.2 && <0.4: using transformers-
Dependency unix >=2.4 && <3.0: using unix-
Dependency unix-compat >=0.2 && <0.4: using unix-compat-
Dependency unordered-containers >= && <0.3: using
Dependency vector >=0.6 && <0.10: using vector-0.9.1
Dependency zlib-enum >=0.2.1 && <0.3: using zlib-enum-0.2.2
Warning: This package indirectly depends on multiple versions of the same
package. This is highly likely to cause a compile failure.
package zlib-enum-0.2.2 requires transformers-
package enumerator-0.4.19 requires transformers-
package blaze-builder-enumerator- requires transformers-
package MonadCatchIO-transformers- requires transformers-
package snap-core-0.8.1 requires transformers-
package mtl-2.1.1 requires transformers-
Using Cabal-1.14.0 compiled by ghc-7.4
Using compiler: ghc-7.4.1
Using install prefix:
Binaries installed in:
Libraries installed in:
Private binaries installed in:
Data files installed in:
Documentation installed in:
No alex found
Using ar found on system at:
No c2hs found
No cpphs found
No ffihugs found
Using gcc version 4.6.3 found on system at:
Using ghc version 7.4.1 found on system at:
Using ghc-pkg version 7.4.1 found on system at:
No greencard found
Using haddock version 2.10.0 found on system at:
No happy found
No hmake found
Using hpc version 0.6 found on system at:
Using hsc2hs version 0.67 found on system at:
No hscolour found
No hugs found
No jhc found
Using ld found on system at:
No lhc found
No lhc-pkg found
No nhc98 found
No pkg-config found
Using ranlib found on system at:
Using strip found on system at:
Using tar found on system at:
No uhc found
Building snap-core-0.8.1...
Preprocessing library snap-core-0.8.1...
[ 1 of 22] Compiling Snap.Util.Readable ( src/Snap/Util/Readable.hs, dist/build/Snap/Util/Readable.o )
[ 2 of 22] Compiling Snap.Internal.Iteratee.BoyerMooreHorspool ( src/Snap/Internal/Iteratee/BoyerMooreHorspool.hs, dist/build/Snap/Internal/Iteratee/BoyerMooreHorspool.o )

    Could not deduce (MonadTrans (Iteratee ByteString))
      arising from a use of `lift'
    from the context (MonadIO m)
      bound by the type signature for
                 bmhEnumeratee :: MonadIO m =>
                                  -> Step MatchInfo m a
                                  -> Iteratee ByteString m (Step MatchInfo m a)
      at src/Snap/Internal/Iteratee/BoyerMooreHorspool.hs:(88,1)-(228,26)
    Possible fix:
      add (MonadTrans (Iteratee ByteString)) to the context of
        the type signature for
          bmhEnumeratee :: MonadIO m =>
                           -> Step MatchInfo m a -> Iteratee ByteString m (Step MatchInfo m a)
      or add an instance declaration for
         (MonadTrans (Iteratee ByteString))
    In the expression: lift
    In the expression:
      lift $ runIteratee $ k $ Chunks [NoMatch nomatch]
    In a stmt of a 'do' block:
      step <- if not $ S.null nomatch then
                  lift $ runIteratee $ k $ Chunks [NoMatch nomatch]
                  return $! Continue k
builder for `/nix/store/b1sgwkx2gizqi6xd9gh51zy9k44jlxld-haskell-snap-core-ghc7.4.1-0.8.1.drv' failed with exit code 1
error: build of `/nix/store/b1sgwkx2gizqi6xd9gh51zy9k44jlxld-haskell-snap-core-ghc7.4.1-0.8.1.drv' failed

@peti peti closed this Nov 17, 2015

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