RecordWildCards causing build failure #137

khanage opened this Issue Jun 5, 2012 · 2 comments


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khanage commented Jun 5, 2012

The AuthMan.hs is using record wildcards, but this doesn't appear to be specified by default in the cabal file.


cabal install snap

Fails with an error helpfully suggesting that I run with -XRecordWildCards

Running the following successfully compiles:

cabal install --ghc-option=-XRecordWildCards snap


cabal install snap -fhint


Cabal 1.14
Ghc 7.4.1
(i.e. latest Haskell platform)
Windows 8

khanage commented Jun 5, 2012

This is actually already resolved, but I'll leave this issue here until the update is released as long as no one else minds.


gregorycollins commented Jun 21, 2012

This should be fixed now. Please re-open otherwise.

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