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snaplet-mongoDB is broken #154

drozzy opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Snaplet snaplet-mongoDB is broken and should be removed. There is no way to reach the author either.

Even the hackage is showing a build failure:


snaplet-mongoDB is not a part of the Snap Framework. There is still a benefit to listing it on our web page because people have used it before. We're just functioning as a directory. Quality of the things in our directory will vary.

@mightybyte mightybyte closed this

No, but it is featured on the snap website, in the snaplets section:


I know. The snaplets section is functioning as a directory. It clearly states that they are third-party snaplets and not maintained by the Snap team.


So... anyone can put anything in there? There is no quality control of any sort?
Don't mean to be dicky but common...


It takes less than 30 seconds to click on the hackage links for the two mongo snaplets and discover that one of them depends on the most recent version of Snap, while the other is two major releases behind and hasn't been updated in eight months. This is not a quality control problem.


Ok, sorry - didn't see the second package (I thought it was the same).
Sorry for bothering.

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