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The documentation is ugly #160

drozzy opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Sorry to say it like that, but reading documentation is not a pleasant experience.

I will use this page as an example:

  1. The layout, with it's 3-triple spacing is hard to follow. E.g. see the defitions of functions "dir" and "ifTop" down the page - it is not clear what is the heading and what is a list item.
  2. Code examples on the dark background look out of place, and it's hard to switch context from white to black.
  3. The "code" font in the text is sometimes indistinguishable from regular text. E.g. the term "snap-core" looks very much like regular text, and so does "dir" and "ifTop" terms in their respective definitions.
  4. Some text is not marked as code. For example in the: "If the user requested /foo, then return "bar"." both "/foo" and "bar" should be typeset in code font.

In general, I think the CSS might benefit from using Bootstrap.


Fixed what I consider to be bugs here, rest of the complaints go to /dev/null (sorry, /dev/null). I'm likely to redesign the website when snap 1.0 comes out anyways.

BTW, in future: pull requests are less aggravating than gripe lists.


You're clearly in the minority here.

Also, we launched before bootstrap existed.

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