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Hi everybody,

I built snap on ghc7.8-rc2 and had to overcome a few obstacles:

  1. block is now Control.Exception.mask_
  2. GHC.Conc.forkOnIO is now forkOn
  3. Data.Typeable has been re-written to get rid of the tedious kind
    hack, and must now be derived instead of defined.
  4. template-haskell version restriction must be lifted to include 2.9.

If you change all these, 'cabal install' should work again.

That's as far as I got. Building the test suite is another project :-). I might come back with a pull request at some point in the future, but I hope these hints are helpful on their own already.



(I should probably mention that snap-core is the only one of the three snap repos that works without change (I think). The changes listed above are mostly relevant for building snap-server and snap. Sorry for the confusion..)


I might come back with a pull request at some point in the future

If you do (and it would be appreciated), it should be against the 0.9-stable branch. I need to get a GHC 7.8 setup working asap :(


This should be fixed w/ snap-server, please confirm.

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