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Xmlhtml needs better error messages for invalid HTML #63

EvgenijM86 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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A simple code like this <p><pre></pre></p> in a template confuses parser:

A web handler threw an exception. Details:
resources/templates/webdev-notes.tpl "resources/templates/webdev-notes.tpl" (line 16, column 27):
Pattern match failure in do expression at src/Text/XmlHtml/HTML/Parse.hs:31:5-21

If I remove <pre></pre> everything is parsed and displayed without error.

I am using snap-0.4.1 and ghc-7.0.2 on Kubuntu 10.10


That is because according to the HTML 5 spec <p> elements contain phrasing content. <pre> elements are flow content, not phrasing content, so they are not allowed inside <p> tags. This is not a is a correct implementation of the spec.

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However, on second thought, our error message is rather poor. We should definitely improve it.


Sorry, didn't know this. I thought that might be an error because Firefox 4 open this template without any complaints (I do have HTML5 doctype).


No problem. I would guess Firefox doesn't complain because of the HTML5 parsing rules that specify a consistent way to interpret invalid markup. When I put validate that markup with it does give an error. But it says "No p element in scope but a p end tag seen." This is because you're not required to close a p tag. When it sees the opening pre tag, it automatically inserts a closing p tag right there.

And again, the issue here would have been obvious if our error message was better. We're working on fixing that.

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The reported error message ("Pattern match failure in do expression") no longer shows up here, for me at least. Instead, you get a Parsec "expected: long list of options" error. The error message you do get is still not 100% helpful, but at least it's not implementation focused, and given the structure of the parsing, it's difficult to see how to do better. Will keep thinking about this.

I also added an FAQ entry about it.

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