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To reproduce this issue, simply start a static file server (Snap.Util.FileServe) and request something like:

curl -i 'localhost:8000?mee'

Expected behavior is that the static server will return, for example:

  • redirect to 'localhost:8000/'
  • directly serve the contents of 'localhost:8000/index.html'

What happens? The server returns:

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Location: /?mee/mee

The browser will follow this redirect, requesting /?mee/mee. The issue will then simply repeat itself as the server will return

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Location: /?mee/mee/mee/mee

Spawning a redirect loop. I think this is a pretty serious issue, so I've dug a little deeper. The redirect is created in src/Snap/Util/FileServe.hs:444

redirect $ rqURI rq `S.append` "/" `S.append` rqQueryString rq

Printing a little debug info, we receive for our first request to localhost:8000?mee:

Uri: "/?mee"
QueryString: "mee"

Which makes sense if you look at src/Snap/Internal/Http/Server.hs:630:

(pathInfo, queryString) = first dropLeadingSlash . second (S.drop 1) $
                          S.break (== (c2w '?')) uri

So there are two solutions: using contextPath </> pathInfo in the FileServe module, or dropping ?mee from the URI. I have implemented the latter, because of this identity currently given in the documentation of Request:

rqURI r == S.concat [ rqSnapletPath r, rqContextPath r, rqPathInfo r ]

But, this causes code such as:

redirect $ rqURI rq `S.append` "/" `S.append` queryString

to fail, because it now redirects to /mee. At this point, I think the input of people who actually know something about Snap would be appreciated.

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