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01c2906 @gregorycollins Bump version #s for snap-core and snap-server
gregorycollins authored May 23, 2010
1 Snap Website
2 ------------
4 This is the source code for
353b1b7 @ocharles Add documentation on how to build to
ocharles authored Sep 19, 2012
6 Building
7 --------
8e5b053 @ocharles Document in that pandoc must be installed/executable
ocharles authored Sep 19, 2012
9 If you wish to work on the Snap website yourself, you will also need to perform
10 2 extra steps first:
12 1. Install by hand. This can
13 be done by cloning that repository, and then running `cabal install`.
15 2. Install pandoc, and make sure the executable is visible to your current
16 `$PATH`. You can do this by running `cabal install pandoc`, and then making
17 sure your `.cabal/bin` directory is in the `$PATH` environment variable. The
18 following is usually enough: `export PATH=~/.cabal/bin:$PATH` and you may
19 wish to perform this automatically on starting your shell (via `.bashrc` or
20 otherwise) if you haven't already.
22 After that, you can build a development server by running `cabal configure` and
23 `cabal build`.
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