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Clarify issue #23 in the snap project.

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1 parent 273d2c6 commit 171df3cf5f82eb6d6355a71451bc7e31f5a42e07 @mightybyte mightybyte committed Jan 31, 2012
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11 templates/docs/tutorials/snaplets-tutorial.lhs
@@ -310,16 +310,18 @@ directory that should be installed. That argument has the type `Maybe (IO
FilePath)`. In this case we used `Nothing` because our simple example doesn't
have any filesystem data. As an example, let's say you are creating a snaplet
called killerapp that will be distributed as a hackage project called
-snaplet-killerapp. Your project directory structure will look something like
+snaplet-killerapp. Your project directory structure might look something like
|-- resources/
|-- snaplet-killerapp.cabal
|-- src/
-All of the files and directories listed above under foosnaplet/ will be in
-resources/. Somewhere in the code you will define an initializer for the
+In this example, all of the files and directories listed above under
+foosnaplet/ are in resources/. This is not required. It just makes it easier
+to see all the files that need to be included in the data-files cabal section
+described below. Somewhere in the code you will define an initializer for the
snaplet that will look like this:
killerInit = makeSnaplet "killerapp" "42" (Just dataDir) $ do
@@ -331,7 +333,8 @@ what machine you're using, the third argument to `makeSnaplet` has to be `Maybe
(IO FilePath)` instead of the more natural pure version. To make things more
organized, we use the convention of putting all your snaplet's data files in a
subdirectory called resources. So we need to create a small function that
-appends `/resources` to the result of `getDataDir`.
+appends `/resources` to the result of `getDataDir`. (This also means that to
+test this snaplet, you'll need to run it from the resources directory.)
import Paths_snaplet_killerapp
dataDir = liftM (++"/resources") getDataDir

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