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Add missing heist snaplet changes to the 0.8 release notes.

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Exceptions thrown by Snaplet initializers are now caught properly, and unload
actions that were registered before the exception was thrown are now executed.
+### Heist snaplet filepath change
+The Heist snaplet used to look for templates in the user-specified directory
+relative to the project root. This yielded incorrect behavior when using the
+snaplet somewhere other than at the top level. Now the Heist snaplet looks in
+it's correct root in the filesystem: snaplets/heist. If your application has
+this code
+~~~~~~~~~~ {.haskell}
+hs <- nestSnaplet "" heist $ heistInit "templates"
+ 0.7 your templates would have been in templates. In 0.8 they should
+reside in snaplets/heist/templates.
+### New semantics for addTemplatesAt
+The URLs generated by addTemplatesAt are now (correctly) relative to the
+snaplet's root URL. If you use this function or the addTemplates function to
+manually add templates that were not loaded by heistInit, you will have to
+change your code.
### Heist: fix small bug with $-expansion in attributes

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