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<div id="about" class="section left">
<div class="inner">
- <h2>Snaplet Directory</h2>
- <p><a href="docs/tutorials/snaplets-tutorial">Snaplets</a> are self
+ <h2>About Snaplets</h2>
+ <p><img src="/media/img/snaplet.png" align="left" style="display: inline; padding: 0 14px 14px 14px;" /><strong><a href="docs/tutorials/snaplets-tutorial">Snaplets</a></strong> are self
contained pieces of functionality that you can include in your web
- apps. You can develop your own snaplets and publish them as a
+ apps.</p> <p>You can develop your own snaplets and publish them as a
standalone project on hackage completely independant of the Snap team.
For convenience we're going to keep this page updated with all the
snaplets we know about.
- <h3>Snaplets that come with Snap</h3>
+ <h2>Snaplets that come with Snap</h2>
<div id="snapletdls">

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