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+| title: A brief note on 0.11
+| author: Doug Beardsley <>
+| published: 2013-02-15T17:10:00-0500
+| updated: 2013-02-15T17:10:00-0500
+| summary: Clarification on the significance of the 0.11 release
+The end of last month saw the 0.11 release of the heist and snap packages. It
+was not accompanied by our traditional announcement and release notes blog
+post, and some people have been asking about it. Here is a brief description
+of what is going on and how the 0.11 release affects you.
+*tl;dr* The core functionality of compiled heist is stable, but the API is
+still maturing. 0.11 is a significant step in the right direction, but it
+didn't get a release announcement because we're making rapid progress and
+might make more major releases in the near future. If you want to start using
+compiled heist today in production applications, then you should talk to us
+directly on IRC so we can collaborate.
+## 0.10
+The 0.10 release completely redesigned heist, but those changes did not affect
+snap-core and snap-server at all. Prior to this, we had made a pattern of
+making major releases of all our packages in lock step. But since 0.10 made
+no breaking changes to snap-core and snap-server, we decided after much debate
+to not introduce a major version bump to -core and -server that did not
+actually have any breaking changes.
+The main motivator here was that we wanted to get the new Heist code out the
+door so we could get more feedback. We are working up to a 1.0 release and
+wanted to have more experience working with the new compiled heist paradigm
+before giving it 1.0 status.
+## Maturing an API
+When 0.10 was released we had been working on it for eight months. The core
+idea of compiled splices was fairly mature and well thought out, but since it
+still had not been used in large-scale production applications the API was
+immature. This pattern is not unfamiliar. The basic concept for interpreted
+Heist was there in 0.1, but we didn't discover the incredibly useful
+runChildrenWith pattern until 0.6. It takes time to tease apart the higher level
+patterns that make a more friendly API.
+The compiled Heist paradigm is no different. I recently started doing a lot
+of work with compiled splices in a real world app. That is giving me a lot of
+feedback that I am using to improve the API. I released 0.11 early so that
+people could become aware of these patterns now, rather than getting used to
+the less friendly 0.10 API. However, the new API is still a work in progress.
+I don't know what tomorrow will bring, so I can't predict how it will evolve.
+But once I feel the API is more stable we will make full release notes for
+everything that happened after 0.10.
@@ -22,12 +22,12 @@ Executable snap-website
- heist >= 0.10 && < 0.11,
- lens >= 3.7 && < 3.8,
+ heist >= 0.10 && < 0.12,
+ lens,
MonadCatchIO-transformers >= 0.2 && < 0.4,
mtl >= 2 && <3,
- snap >= 0.10 && <0.11,
+ snap >= 0.10 && <0.12,
snap-core >= 0.9 && <0.10,
snap-blaze >= 0.2.1 && <0.3,
snap-server >= 0.9 && <0.10,

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