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{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
module Blackbox.Tests
( tests
, remove
, removeDir
) where
import Control.Monad
import Control.Monad.Trans
import Data.Text.Lazy (Text)
import qualified Data.Text.Lazy.Encoding as T
import qualified Network.HTTP.Enumerator as HTTP
import System.Directory
import System.FilePath
import Test.Framework (Test, testGroup)
import Test.Framework.Providers.HUnit
import Test.HUnit hiding (Test, path)
requestTest :: String -> Text -> Test
requestTest url desired = testCase ("/"++url) $ requestTest' url desired
requestTest' :: String -> Text -> IO ()
requestTest' url desired = do
actual <- HTTP.simpleHttp $ "" ++ url
assertEqual url desired (T.decodeUtf8 actual)
requestNoError :: String -> Text -> Test
requestNoError url desired = testCase ("/"++url) $ requestNoError' url desired
requestNoError' :: String -> Text -> IO ()
requestNoError' url desired = do
let fullUrl = "" ++ url
url' <- HTTP.parseUrl fullUrl
HTTP.Response _ _ b <- liftIO $ HTTP.withManager $ HTTP.httpLbsRedirect url'
assertEqual fullUrl desired (T.decodeUtf8 b)
tests :: Test
tests = testGroup "non-cabal-tests"
[ requestTest "hello" "hello world"
, requestTest "index" "index page\n"
, requestTest "" "index page\n"
, requestTest "splicepage" "splice page contents of the app splice\n"
, requestTest "routeWithSplice" "routeWithSplice: foo snaplet data stringz"
, requestTest "routeWithConfig" "routeWithConfig: topConfigValue"
, requestTest "foo/foopage" "foo template page\n"
, requestTest "foo/fooConfig" "fooValue"
, requestTest "foo/fooRootUrl" "foo"
, requestTest "barconfig" "barValue"
, requestTest "bazpage" "baz template page <barsplice></barsplice>\n"
, requestTest "bazpage2" "baz template page contents of the bar splice\n"
, requestTest "bazpage3" "baz template page <barsplice></barsplice>\n"
, requestTest "bazpage4" "baz template page <barsplice></barsplice>\n"
, requestTest "barrooturl" "url"
, requestNoError "bazbadpage" "A web handler threw an exception. Details:\nTemplate \"cpyga\" not found."
, requestTest "foo/fooSnapletName" "foosnaplet"
, requestTest "foo/fooFilePath" "snaplets/foosnaplet"
-- This set of tests highlights the differences in the behavior of the
-- get... functions from MonadSnaplet.
, requestTest "foo/handlerConfig" "([\"app\"],\"snaplets/foosnaplet\",Just \"foosnaplet\",\"A demonstration snaplet called foo.\",\"foo\")"
, requestTest "bar/handlerConfig" "([\"app\"],\"snaplets/baz\",Just \"baz\",\"An example snaplet called bar.\",\"\")"
-- bazpage5 uses barsplice bound by renderWithSplices at request time
, requestTest "bazpage5" "baz template page ([\"app\"],\"snaplets/baz\",Just \"baz\",\"An example snaplet called bar.\",\"\")\n"
-- bazconfig uses two splices, appconfig and fooconfig. appconfig is bound
-- with the non type class version of addSplices in the main app
-- initializer. fooconfig is bound by addSplices in fooInit.
, requestTest "bazconfig" "baz config page ([],\"\",Just \"app\",\"Test application\",\"\") ([\"app\"],\"snaplets/foosnaplet\",Just \"foosnaplet\",\"A demonstration snaplet called foo.\",\"foo\")\n"
, requestTest "sessionDemo" "[(\"foo\",\"bar\")]\n"
, reloadTest
remove :: FilePath -> IO ()
remove f = do
exists <- doesFileExist f
when exists $ removeFile f
removeDir :: FilePath -> IO ()
removeDir d = do
exists <- doesDirectoryExist d
when exists $ removeDirectoryRecursive "non-cabal-appdir/snaplets/foosnaplet"
reloadTest :: Test
reloadTest = testCase "reload test" $ do
let goodTplOrig = "non-cabal-appdir" </> "good.tpl"
let badTplOrig = "non-cabal-appdir" </> "bad.tpl"
let goodTplNew = "non-cabal-appdir" </> "templates" </> "good.tpl"
let badTplNew = "non-cabal-appdir" </> "templates" </> "bad.tpl"
goodExists <- doesFileExist goodTplNew
badExists <- doesFileExist badTplNew
assertBool "good.tpl exists" (not goodExists)
assertBool "bad.tpl exists" (not badExists)
requestNoError' "bad" "404"
copyFile badTplOrig badTplNew
requestNoError' "good" "404"
requestNoError' "bad" "404"
requestTest' "admin/reload" "Error reloading site!\n\nInitializer threw an exception...\ntemplates/bad.tpl \"templates/bad.tpl\" (line 2, column 1):\nunexpected end of input\nexpecting \"=\", \"/\" or \">\"\n\n\n...but before it died it generated the following output:\nInitializing app @ /\nInitializing heist @ /heist\n\n"
remove badTplNew
copyFile goodTplOrig goodTplNew
requestTest' "admin/reload" "Initializing app @ /\nInitializing heist @ /heist\n...loaded 5 templates\nInitializing foosnaplet @ /foo\n...adding 1 templates from snaplets/foosnaplet/templates with route prefix foo/\nInitializing baz @ /\n...adding 2 templates from snaplets/baz/templates with route prefix /\nInitializing CookieSession @ /session\nInitializing embedded @ /embed\nInitializing heist @ /embed/heist\n...loaded 5 templates\n...adding 1 templates from snaplets/embedded/templates with route prefix embed/embedded/\nSite successfully reloaded.\n"
requestTest' "good" "Good template\n"
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