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adinapoli commented Oct 24, 2012

Hi guys, this is probably not an issue but something I'm missing, I'm sure.
Consider this:

markAuthFail :: AuthUser
             -> Handler b (AuthManager b) (Either AuthFailure AuthUser)
markAuthFail u = withBackend $ \r -> do
    lo <- gets lockout
    incFailCtr u >>= checkLockout lo >>= liftIO . save r

    incFailCtr u' = return $ u' {
                      userFailedLoginCount = userFailedLoginCount u' + 1

    checkLockout lo u' =
        case lo of
          Nothing          -> return u'
          Just (mx, wait)  ->
              if userFailedLoginCount u' >= mx
                then do
                  now <- liftIO getCurrentTime
                  let reopen = addUTCTime wait now
                  return $! u' { userLockedOutUntil = Just reopen }
                else return u'

I'm testing what happens what the user has surpassed the number of allowed attempts and must be locked out. I come up with this handler:

    hdl :: Handler App App (Either AuthFailure AuthUser)
    hdl = with auth $ do
        user <- loginByUsername "bar" (ClearText "bar") True
        case user of
          (Left e) -> return $ Left e
          (Right u) ->
              let u' = u {userFailedLoginCount = 99}
                  in do
                      modify (\s -> s { lockout = Just (5, 1000000) })
                      markAuthFail u'

Here I'm trying to modify the lockout parameter of the AuthManager, since by default is Nothing. I'm passing a user with a high number of userFailedLoginCount, and I would expect markAuthFail to return a Just userLockedOutUntil. Correct? Have I written a wrong handler?

Just to be clear, in my Assertion I test something like isJust $ userLockeOutUntil u.

Thanks and bye,


adinapoli commented Nov 9, 2012

Just bumping in order to fix this issue down :)

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