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Fix xmlhtml shell script

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1 parent 30ec70f commit d85384f8869873756781f377b633988523f6abac @gregorycollins gregorycollins committed
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@@ -8,6 +8,6 @@ HADDOCK_OPTS='--html-location=$pkg/l
cabal haddock $HADDOCK_OPTS --hyperlink-source $@
-cp -r extra/fonts dist/doc/html/snap-core/
-cp extra/logo.gif dist/doc/html/snap-core/haskell_icon.gif
-cp extra/hscolour.css dist/doc/html/snap-core/src/
+cp -r extra/fonts dist/doc/html/xmlhtml/
+cp extra/logo.gif dist/doc/html/xmlhtml/haskell_icon.gif
+cp extra/hscolour.css dist/doc/html/xmlhtml/src/

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