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  1. ssloca Public

    Bash script that removes the headache of generating and trusting SSL certificates for localhost projects in macOS

    Shell 33 4

  2. A shell script for quickly installing the latest version of WordPress + useful plugins into the current directory. A nice way to start any new WP project.

    Shell 29 19

  3. jekyll-pjax Public archive

    A Jekyll template with pjax support

    JavaScript 24 4

  4. A plugin that makes your tagged Pinboard bookmarks accessible as a template variable.

    Ruby 19 1

  5. textloft Public archive

    A place to put your text. Super-simple, beautiful wiki. Responsive layout, LESS, Markdown and HTML5 in a tidy little package.

    PHP 6 4

  6. view-csv Public

    Script to view CSV files from the command line. Credit:



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