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Rich Snapp is a Software Engineer focusing on web application development and is involved in both
building and pushing forward the capabilities of software designed for the web. His efforts are
currently concentrated in Javascript programming and front-end frameworks, but he has a strong
familiarity with the full technology stack necessary for creating modern
[SaaS]( applications.
<img src="/img/responsive-workstation.jpg"/>
<figcaption>Where the magic happens.</figcaption>
Rich currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and works at [Rakuten USA](
where he spends most of his time contributing to the []( project.
He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from [Utah Valley University](
More information on his skills and experience can be found at his
[LinkedIn page](
### About This Site
As an open-source software contributor and consumer, as well as appreciator of free services; here's a few notes
concerning the making of this website:
* This is a [static web page]( generated with
[Nuxt.js]( and various other npm libraries.
* Hosted with [Netlify](
* Using some [Twitter Bootstrap]( components (such as the grid) and
[Font Awesome]( icons.
* Intentionally made as simple and unparallaxy as possible.