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Building rEFInd with EDKII on OS X

This repository contains EDKII build information files (DSC and DEC) for building rEFInd in the context of the EDKII. The author of rEFInd has provided a Makefile for building rEFInd using the GCC toolchain and the EDKII on Linux, but there are a number of ld and gcc options used that are incompatible with the Mac OS X toolchain. Rather than do the right thing and figure out what the appropriate options are, I've just dumped the rEFInd source into a new Package in the EDKII and added DSC and DEC files to get it to build on OS X.

This works for me on Mac OS X 10.7.4 with Xcode 4.4 and its command line tools.


  1. Prepare and build your EDKII environment (outside of the scope of this document).

  2. Clone this repository into the root directory of the EDKII.

     $ cd /path/to/edk2
     $ git clone RefindPkg
  3. Download the latest version of the rEFInd source into the RefindPkg directory and unpack it.

     $ cd RefindPkg
     $ wget
     $ unzip
  4. Create a symlink so that the path referred to in the DSC file makes sense.

     $ ln -s refind-0.4.5 refind
  5. Build the package.

     $ cd ..
     $ source
     $ build -p RefindPkg/RefindPkg.dsc


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