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"""Task queue handlers.
TODO: cron job to find sources without seed poll tasks.
TODO: think about how to determine stopping point. can all sources return
comments in strict descending timestamp order? can we require/generate
monotonically increasing comment ids for all sources?
TODO: check HRD consistency guarantees and change as needed
__author__ = ['Ryan Barrett <>']
import datetime
import itertools
import logging
import re
import time
# need to import model class definitions since poll creates and saves entities.
import facebook
import googleplus
import twitter
import util
import wordpress
from google.appengine.ext import db
from google.appengine.api import taskqueue
from google.appengine.ext import webapp
from google.appengine.ext.webapp.util import run_wsgi_app
import appengine_config
# all concrete destination model classes
DESTINATIONS = ['WordPressSite']
class TaskHandler(webapp.RequestHandler):
"""Task handler base class. Includes common utilities.
now: callable replacement for Returns the current
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(TaskHandler, self).__init__(*args) = kwargs.pop('now',
class Poll(TaskHandler):
"""Task handler that fetches and processes new comments from a single source.
Request parameters:
source_key: string key of source entity
last_polled: timestamp, YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS
Inserts a propagate task for each comment that hasn't been seen before.
TASK_COUNTDOWN = datetime.timedelta(hours=1)
def post(self):
logging.debug('Params: %s', self.request.params)
key = self.request.params['source_key']
source = db.get(key)
if not source:
logging.warning('Source not found! Dropping task.')
last_polled = self.request.params['last_polled']
if last_polled != source.last_polled.strftime(util.POLL_TASK_DATETIME_FORMAT):
logging.warning('duplicate poll task! deferring to the other task.')
# itertools.chain flattens. also, the outer list() is important, because
# itertools.chain returns a generator, and we need to be able to iterate
# over it multiple times. TODO: unit test this
dests = list(itertools.chain(*[list(db.GqlQuery('SELECT * FROM %s' % cls))
for cls in DESTINATIONS]))
logging.debug('Polling %s source %s against destinations %r',
source.kind(), source.key().name(), [d.url for d in dests])
if dests:
posts_and_dests = []
for post, url in source.get_posts():
logging.debug('Looking for destination for link: %r' % url)
# can't use this string prefix query code because we want the property
# that's a prefix of the filter value, not vice versa.
# query = db.GqlQuery(
# 'SELECT * FROM WordPressSite WHERE url = :1 AND url <= :2',
# url, url + u'\ufffd')
dest = [d for d in dests if url.startswith(d.url)]
assert len(dest) <= 1
if dest:
dest = dest[0]
logging.debug('Found destination: %s' % dest.key().name())
posts_and_dests.append((post, dest))
for comment in source.get_comments(posts_and_dests):
source.last_polled =
util.add_poll_task(source, countdown=self.TASK_COUNTDOWN.seconds)
class Propagate(TaskHandler):
"""Task handler that propagates a single comment.
Request parameters:
comment_key: string key of comment entity
# request deadline (10m) plus some padding
LEASE_LENGTH = datetime.timedelta(minutes=12)
ERROR_HTTP_RETURN_CODE = 417 # Expectation Failed
def post(self):
logging.debug('Params: %s', self.request.params)
comment = self.lease_comment()
if comment:
logging.exception('Propagate task failed')
def lease_comment(self):
"""Attempts to acquire and lease the comment entity.
Returns the Comment on success, otherwise None.
TODO: unify with complete_comment
comment = db.get(self.request.params['comment_key'])
if comment is None:'no comment entity!')
elif comment.status == 'complete':
# let this response return 200 and finish
logging.warning('duplicate task already propagated comment')
elif comment.status == 'processing' and < comment.leased_until:'duplicate task is currently processing!')
assert comment.status in ('new', 'processing')
comment.status = 'processing'
comment.leased_until = + self.LEASE_LENGTH
return comment
def complete_comment(self):
"""Attempts to mark the comment entity completed.
Returns True on success, False otherwise.
comment = db.get(self.request.params['comment_key'])
if comment is None:'comment entity disappeared!')
elif comment.status == 'complete':
# let this response return 200 and finish
logging.warning('comment stolen and finished. did my lease expire?')
elif comment.status == 'new':'comment went backward from processing to new!')
assert comment.status == 'processing'
comment.status = 'complete'
return True
return False
def release_comment(self):
"""Attempts to unlease the comment entity.
comment = db.get(self.request.params['comment_key'])
if comment.status == 'processing':
comment.status = 'new'
comment.leased_until = None
def fail(self, message):
"""Fills in an error response status code and message.
application = webapp.WSGIApplication([
('/_ah/queue/poll', Poll),
('/_ah/queue/propagate', Propagate),
], debug=appengine_config.DEBUG)
def main():
if __name__ == '__main__':
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