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# Preprocesses docs and runs Sphinx (apidoc and build) to build the HTML docs.
# Requires:
# brew install pandoc
# pip install sphinx (in virtualenv)
set -e
absfile=`readlink -f $0`
cd `dirname $absfile`
# generates the module index files:
# docs/source/oauth_dropins.rst, oauth_dropins.webutil.rst
# only used to bootstrap. we've edited by hand since then so don't run any more
# or it will overwrite them.
# sphinx-apidoc -f -o source ../granary ../granary/tests
rm -f index.rst
cat > index.rst <<EOF
tail -n +19 ../ \
| pandoc --from=markdown --to=rst \
| sed -E 's/```/`/; s/`` </ </' \
>> index.rst
source ../local/bin/activate
# Run sphinx in the virtualenv's python interpreter so it can import packages
# installed in the virtualenv.
python3 `which sphinx-build` -b html . _build/html