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"""Twitter source class.
Uses the REST API:
TODO: port to . tweepy is
just a wrapper around that anyway.
snarfed_org user id: 139199211
Python code to pretty-print JSON responses from Twitter REST API:
__author__ = ['Ryan Barrett <>']
import cgi
import collections
import datetime
import json
except ImportError:
import simplejson as json
import logging
import re
import urlparse
import appengine_config
import source
import tweepy
from webutil import util
class Twitter(source.Source):
"""Implements the PortableContacts API for Twitter.
FRONT_PAGE_TEMPLATE = 'templates/twitter_index.html'
AUTH_URL = '/start_auth'
def get_contacts(self, user_id=None, start_index=0, count=0):
"""Returns a (Python) list of PoCo contacts to be JSON-encoded.
OAuth credentials must be provided in access_token_key and
access_token_secret query parameters if the current user is protected, or to
receive any protected friends in the returned contacts.
user_id: integer or string. if provided, only this user will be returned.
start_index: int >= 0
count: int >= 0
if user_id is not None:
ids = [user_id]
total_count = 1
cur_user = json.loads(self.urlfetch(API_ACCOUNT_URL))
total_count = cur_user.get('friends_count')
resp = self.urlfetch(API_FRIENDS_URL % cur_user['id'])
# TODO: unify with Facebook.get_contacts()
if count == 0:
end = self.ITEMS_PER_PAGE - start_index
end = start_index + min(count, self.ITEMS_PER_PAGE)
ids = json.loads(resp)['ids'][start_index:end]
if not ids:
return 0, []
ids_str = ','.join(str(id) for id in ids)
resp = json.loads(self.urlfetch(API_USERS_URL % ids_str))
if user_id is not None and len(resp) == 0:
# the specified user id doesn't exist
total_count = 0
return total_count, [self.to_poco(user) for user in resp]
def get_current_user(self):
"""Returns the currently authenticated user's id.
resp = self.urlfetch(API_ACCOUNT_URL)
return json.loads(resp)['id']
def urlfetch(self, url, **kwargs):
"""Wraps util.urlfetch(), signing with OAuth if there's an access token.
TODO: unit test this
request = self.handler.request
access_token_key = request.get('access_token_key')
access_token_secret = request.get('access_token_secret')
if access_token_key and access_token_secret:'Found access token key %s and secret %s',
access_token_key, access_token_secret)
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(appengine_config.TWITTER_APP_KEY,
auth.set_access_token(access_token_key, access_token_secret)
method = kwargs.get('method', 'GET')
headers = kwargs.setdefault('headers', {})
parsed = urlparse.urlparse(url)
url_without_query = urlparse.urlunparse(list(parsed[0:4]) + ['', ''])
auth.apply_auth(url_without_query, method, headers,
# TODO: switch to urlparse.parse_qsl after python27 runtime
dict(cgi.parse_qsl(parsed.query)))'Populated Authorization header from access token: %s',
return util.urlfetch(url, **kwargs)
def to_poco(self, tw):
"""Converts a Twitter user to a PoCo contact.
tw: dict, a decoded JSON Twitter user
pc = collections.defaultdict(dict)
pc['accounts'] = [{'domain': self.DOMAIN}]
# tw should always have 'id' (it's an int)
if 'id' in tw:
pc['id'] = str(tw['id'])
pc['accounts'][0]['userid'] = str(tw['id'])
if 'screen_name' in tw:
pc['accounts'][0]['username'] = tw['screen_name']
# tw should always have 'name'
if 'name' in tw:
pc['displayName'] = tw['name']
pc['name']['formatted'] = tw['name']
if 'created_at' in tw:
# created_at is formatted like 'Sun, 01 Jan 11:44:57 +0000 2012'.
# remove the time zone, then parse the string, then reformat as ISO 8601.
created_at = re.sub(' [+-][0-9]{4} ', ' ', tw['created_at'])
created_at = datetime.datetime.strptime(created_at, '%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y')
pc['published'] = created_at.isoformat()
if 'profile_image_url' in tw:
pc['photos'] = [{'value': tw['profile_image_url'], 'primary': 'true'}]
if 'url' in tw:
pc['urls'] = [{'value': tw['url'], 'type': 'home'}]
if 'location' in tw:
pc['addresses'] = [{
'formatted': tw['location'],
'type': 'home',
utc_offset = tw.get('utc_offset')
if utc_offset is not None:
# twitter's utc_offset field is seconds, oddly, not hours.
pc['utcOffset'] = '%+03d:00' % (tw['utc_offset'] / 60 / 60)
# also note that twitter's time_zone field provides the user's
# human-readable time zone, e.g. 'Pacific Time (US & Canada)'. i'd need to
# include tzdb to parse that, though, and i don't need to since utc_offset
# works fine.
if 'description' in tw:
pc['note'] = tw['description']
return dict(pc)
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