Dox on Box

Dox on Box reader is a reader application which incorporates Beeline technology to make a versatile iPad reader application. It incorporates Linguistic analysis and pagination technology into a familiar page curl reader format. It augments the base beeline functionality by adding dyslexic friendly font faces, and linguistic tagging to promote important words. It also integrates Box, an online cloud document storage service, and allows you to browse and read your Box documents, including Google Docs files.

In addition, it can download any URL and can search wikipedia and display articles using all of this technology.

This was built solely during iOS Dev Camp 2012.

Copyright 2012 Arshad Tayyeb and Daniel DeCovnik


  • Box Integration

Beeline integrates box's

Beeline reader

Beeline reader was written during iOS Dev Camp 2011 to demonstrate applying colorization to improve legibility and reduce line transition errors. More info at


Linguistic Tagging

iOS 5 introduced linguistic tagging features (NSLinguisticTagger) which can identify parts of speech.

Open Dyslexic

Open Dyslexic is a font that is proven to reduce reading errors made by dyslexics. It adds extra visual weight to the lower half of the letters to visually anchor them better to the baselines.

Dyslexie is a commercially available version of this font, more information here: