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Crafty JS

A JavaScript game engine. Uses jQuery like syntax for code organisation and conforming to the Entity-Component-System paradigm. Read this article for more information.

##Using Crafty Game objects are divided into Entities and Component. Rather than the typical hierarchy, objects are composed of functional components that augment the capabilities (sort of like adding classes to DOM elements). var player = Crafty.e(); player.addComponent("2D, Gravity");

The above code will create a new entity then add two components labelled 2D and Gravity. These components will give the entity attributes and functions to extend its functionality. For example after adding the components to the player entity, we can use a function provided by the 2D component. player.attr({w: 50, h: 150}).area(); //will return 7500

In the code example we are setting the width and height properties inherited from the 2D component. We can then call the area method also inherited from the 2D component.