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Integrates autojump with vim, allowing you to open and edit files with ease.

If anyone out there is a hardcore vim hacker, please help me by forking this project and improving it. See the list of necessary enhancements in ./TODO.


:J replaces :e for most (maybe all) cases. When opening a file that has previously been opened :J file_path_fragment will open the most frequently used file that matches file_path_fragment. :J maintains two lists of possible matches. First, it will look for files in the current working directory and its subdirs. If nothing is found there, then it will search through a global jump list for a match. If that too fails, it will fall back to working like the normal :e command.

Autojump.vim supports completion as well, so feel free to hit tab after :J to see what possibilities exist.

You can also view your jumpstats with the :JumpStat command.

If you're on the command line and not yet in vim, I've included a jvim bash function that you can incorporate into your .profile or .bashrc (or whatever you use). Use it in the same way you use :J, though it currently only supports global matches.


You must have autojump installed and on your path. If it's not there, this plugin won't work.


Download ./plugin/autojump.vim and place it in ~/.vim/plugin/autojump.vim.

Alternately, you can pull down the contents of this repo and run ./bin/ It won't actually do anything, but it will guide you through the process.

At some point, I (or someone else) will show you how to use tpope's pathogen. It's better than dropping things in ~/.vim/plugin.


Trotter Cashion

Thanks To

Joel Schaerer for writing autojump in the first place. If you're not using it instead of cd, you're an idiot.


Currently under MIT, but will move to GPL if I decided to incorporate autojump directly into the project.