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A home automation emulator that uses KNS
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A home automation emulator that uses the Kinetic Event Architecture model for raising and responding to events. Uses the kns-python project.

Example invocation

  • Run the server on a dev machine with the command ruby -rubygems server.rb. Requires Sinatra to be installed.
  • Set up a localtunnel (see to forward port 4567 so it's publicly accessible to KNS: localtunnel 4567
  • Run This will raise the coming_home event to KNS. The ruleset responds with two directives to the server. You should see these reflected in the Sinatra log.

Arduino sketches

We started implementing this project in hardware using Arduino. Some of the sketches will use the Ethernet shield, but most will use the WiFly shield, as we ultimately want the device to work wirelessly.

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