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url-whitelist (DISCONTINUED!)

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url-whitelist can create whitelists by including and excluding url patterns and check urls against them

see url-pattern for supported url patterns


npm install url-whitelist


newWhitelist = require 'url-whitelist'
make a new whitelist
whitelist = newWhitelist()
whitelist a url pattern
whitelist.include '/users/:id'
check whether urls are on the whitelist
whitelist.check '/users/1' # => true
whitelist.check '/projects/1' # => false

by default a whitelist excludes everything. you can include everything by default and then selectively exclude patterns.

blacklist = newWhitelist()
blacklist.include '*'

blacklist.exclude '/users/:id'

blacklist.check 'sajdflkasjdfl' # => true
blacklist.check '/users/:id' # => false
blacklist.check 'skljdf' # => true


whitelist /projects/* except for /projects/hidden/* and projects/:id/secret. also whitelist /users/:id

newWhitelist = require 'url-whitelist'

whitelist = newWhitelist()

whitelist.include '/projects/*'
whitelist.exclude '/projects/hidden/*'
whitelist.exclude '/projects/:id/secret'
whitelist.include '/users/:id'

whitelist.check '/projects/foo/bar/baz' # => true
whitelist.check '/projects/hidden/bar/baz' # => false
whitelist.check '/projects/5/secret' # => false
whitelist.check '/projects/5/secret/foo' # => true

whitelist.check '/users' # => false
whitelist.check '/users/5' # => true

whitelist.check '/tasks/57' # => false

how check works (pseudocode)

whitelisted = false
go through all include- and exclude-patterns in the order they were defined:
    if url matches pattern
        if is include
            whitelisted = true
            whitelisted = false

license: MIT

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