Workshop on two-way ANOVA and multiple regression in R, presented at the SLAT Roundtable on Feb. 8-9, 2019.
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Two-Way ANOVA and Multiple Regression with R

Essa Batel, University of Arizona:

Shiloh Drake, University of Arizona:


The materials you find in this repository are made for the workshop with the same title, presented at the 2019 Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Roundtable on Feb. 8, 2019. Basic knowledge of R and ANOVAs is assumed.

Workshop Details

  • Date: Friday, Feb. 8, 2019
  • Time: 4:00-5:15 PM
  • Location: Modern Languages 410

Workshop Description

This workshop will introduce the analysis of behavioral data with two-way ANOVA & multiple regression analyses using the statistical software R. We will use a sample dataset with a continuous dependent factor (e.g., test scores, reaction times, and so on) as a result of two categorical independent factors being manipulated (e.g., language proficiency level & language skill).

Attendees will learn how to write code for basic data screening and analysis in R. We will cover uploading data files to R, extracting descriptive statistics (mean, median, standard deviation), conducting two-way ANOVA and multiple regression analyses, and visualizing the data (e.g., using a line graph). In addition, ANOVA and regression assumptions will be covered (i.e., normality and homogeneity of variance tests).

Before the workshop:

Download and install R and RStudio. If you aren't sure how, see this video tutorial.