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@sneakernets sneakernets released this Aug 22, 2017

Welp, v1.11 is finally here, and is likely the last release of DMXOPL, as I'll be forking this to another project for OPL3 chips only. As this patch uses only OPL2 waveforms, and I'm happy enough with it now, this will be the final version - unless someone finds a nasty bug or two.

Changes in this release:

  • Steel Drums are better (Thanks pcorf)
  • Honky-Tonk Piano redone
  • Accordion Redone
  • Harmonica Redone
  • Recorder tweaked to sound less like a clarinet in normal range
  • Various misc mixing fixes I forgot.

Only one original Paul Radek instrument remains - Gunshot. I felt as if MAP31 deserved to have the original DMX sound for the soldiers. No other IWAD MIDI uses it.

Feel free to use this in your projects!

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