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Multi-project setup for Ionic/Angular apps & libraries with single `node_modules` & `package.json`. Supports JetBrains IDE(s).
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Multi-project setup for Ionic apps with root package.json and common node_modules


  • Root package.json, tsconfig.json, etc. to manage common settings & dependencies
  • Works correctly with JetBrains IDEs (WebStorm, IDEA, PyCharm, GoLand, etc.)
  • Project level package.json to overrider/add project specific settings & dependencies

Purpose & benefits of multi-project workspace

  • Consistent configuration across multiple projects

  • Quick refactoring across multiple projects
    (e.g. renaming method in library with instant refactoring of all dependent projects)

  • Quicker to pull & setup due to single node_modules so you don't need to install same packages multiple times

  • Quicker & easy to update common dependencies

Top level structure

📁 node_modules
📂 projects
  📂 apps
    📂 ang1 (angular app)
    📂 ionic1 (first Ionic app)
       📄 package.json
    📂 ionic2 (second Ionic app)
       📄 package.json
  📂 libs
     📂 lib1
       📄 package.json
     📂 lib2
       📄 package.json
📄 angular.json
📄 ionic.config.json
📄 package.json
📄 tsconfig.json
📄 tslint.json

Credits & references

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