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An editor of .attheme files on the web.
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.attheme editor

A powerful editor of Android Telegram themes on the web.


The editor provides plenty of addtional features which the Telegram's built-in lacks like:

  • Search by variables and colors;
  • HEX and HSL color models support;
  • Variables previews;
  • Palettes;
  • Editing of mutliple themes at the same time (tabs);
  • Theme renaming;
  • Scripts running,

and even more features will come with time.

The editor also resolves some bugs of the built-in editor like absence of some variables in the editor, constant image compression on each theme variable change and color distortion.

The editor can be run on both phones and desktops in the browser, and even offline.

Developed by @snejugal and @AlexStrNik. Also thanks to these amazing people who translate the editor:

Also, @ItaPathfinderDM and @danicotra made some previews for the editor. Thanks to them too!

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